lighting concept that ensures you are seen in all conditions.

Two WHITE and FLASHING light sources, FRONT and BACK, with additional reflective strips around the sides provide 360 degrees of security for your running sessions, regardless of the weather conditions.

Ideal for night running in an urban environment, it consists of two light sources: a L28 head torch at the FRONT with an L24 head torch at the rear. It also features a reflective fluorescent band for additional visibility from the sides.

The WHITE and RED lighting modes can be used to adapt to any weather conditions: white for fair weather and red for fog or drizzle. A FLASHING beam ensures you are seen whilst the CONSTANT beam lights up the path ahead.

With its contemporary design, the Be Visi meets all your requirements thanks to its modular nature. The L24 is separate from the headband, meaning you can also attach it to a collar, sleeve, hem of a jacket, shorts pocket, bag or belt!

  • Front and rear lighting provides 360 degrees of visibility.
  • A flashing beam ensures you are seen, a constant beam lights up the path ahead.
  • Two light sources: 1 at the front and 1 at the rear.
  • White light for fair weather visibility.
  • Red light for poor weather visibility, rain or fog.
  • Reflective strips give side on visibility.
  • Burn time: 115 h in front flashing mode and 80 h in rear flashing mode.
  • Urban Night Running.

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