PPE Inspections

PPE Inspections

Personal protective equipment (PPE) for fall arrest systems must be inspected by a trained technical expert after every stress, when one is in doubt as to the orderly condition of the equipment, but at least once a year. This expert decides whether the equipment is in perfect condition and whether the time to retire the equipment has not yet been reached.

We are qualified to inspect ropes and harnesses of all makes and manufactures, and to approve of the further use through documentation in the inspection books. In addition, we conduct inspections on all of the descender, abseiling, and rescue devices

We conduct inspections at our premises as well as on site at your premises.

Internal inspections:

  • Harnesses, fall-arrest devices, ropes
  • Carabiners, loops, wire rope slings
  • Catching and fall-arrest systems
  • Abseiling devices, descenders, and rescue devices (Safety Roll, Safety Roll II, Rollgliss R 300, Rollgliss 350, Swissroll R 300)
  • Safety stands
  • Automatic fall arrest blocks (up to 4.5 m and from 5 m rope/harness length, with rescue hub)
  • Height access systems, climbing systems
  • Hoisting devices, lifting gear (in accordance with UVV)

External inspections:

  • PPE for fall arrest systems (on the premises at the user’s site)

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